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About Us

About Us

eKrishi is a joint initiative by Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Avanita Pvt Ltd to develop and provide digital solutions for farming.

eKrishi is an technology enabled support services and tools for planning and management production to marketing to farmers and farmer collectives and agricultural supply/value chains.  eKrishi will use a hybrid online and offline model to establish comprehensive support services to farmers to improve their incomes, improve the sustainability of production system and supply chain and establish a transparent traceability system and assessing the impact on their livelihoods and environment.

eKrishi is provides stackable and customizable digital solutions and support services to Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), programs and entrepreneurs to provide value added extension and advisory, business development services, monitoring and learning services.

All the applications can be used with single sign on and data systems are integrated and available in multiple languages. In the stack many applications are free for use and few come with an affordable payment options. eKrishi is a plug n play platform where other applications can plug in easily and data can be transferred.

End users: If you are an end user-farmer, field staff working with farmers or FPOs you can choose the applications which suits your needs.

Institutional Users: If you are entrepreneur or a Farmer Producer Organisation or an NGO or a government department and want to deploy the tools to provide services to the farmers please do connect with us for customization.

Digital Service Providers: If you are a digital service provider and have any tool or application developed for the benefit of farmers and want to connect with eKrishi platform please do connect with us.

Volunteers: If you have ideas, skill and expertise and want to contribute for the greater good of farming in this country do connect to us. eKrishi is built over a period of time with active support of many volunteers.

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