eKrishi FPOhub is a cloud-based solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Managing Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) developed by ‘Centre for Sustainable Agriculture’ Hyderabad. The FPOhub is part of eKrishi integrated cloud-based platform for supporting farming, agricultural supply chain management and Farmer Producer Organisations.

FPOhub is now providing service to Sahaja Aharam Producer Company (SAPCO) and its member FPOs for managing their day to day operations including retail sales of Organic produce with traceability to individual members with his details production of produces.

The key features of the FPOhub are

  • Members Management
  • Quality Management
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Report generation

eKrishi FPOhub is offered as a Cloud based service for the FPOs and their Federations to manage their day to day activities in certain areas like accounting, inventory management, membership data, Financial reporting and sales and purchase fore cast

Looking to the operational cost of eKrishi FPO hub, we are offering a reasonable cost to our partner for strengthening the FPO in every aspect. The details of the cost are as follows-

S. NoMembers SizeNumber of Commodities (Crops)Software Installation, implementation and maintenance ( One time cost) per FPOAnnual Support from second year onwards per FPOImplementation Time (weeks)
*these are approximate costs and request for a quote with your requirements