Roots offers traceability of supply chains by monitoring and maintaining food quality throughout supply chains through IoT sensors, thermal data modelling, block chain technology.

Product Story: About the product, how it grown, when it is harvested and the verifiable means of quality management standards followed like organic certification etc can be traced back. Each product carries organic certification (ICS/PGS System) in production and processing. The QR code also carries the information about the ecological foot print in production quantifying the ecological benefit compared to other packets in the markets

Producer Story: The QR code provides information about the farmer and/or the farmers group who have produced it. If the farmer belongs to a group like PGS or Organic certification group or a Self Help Group, the group details are given.

Village Story: In cases where the villages/region has a prominence/relevance for the product for e.g where Geographical Indicators are in vogue or the area has a specialty, village details also can be accessed.

Organization Story: The Farmer Producer Organisation or an Enterprise which processed and packed the the batch no gives the processing facility where the product is processed/manufactured.